While community foundations are generally established to benefit a geographic region, the Catholic Community Fund (CCF) is a community foundation supporting Greater Boston’s Catholic community.

The CCF enables individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create permanent charitable funds that help Catholic parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic social services, and other Catholic faith ministries meet long-term and future needs. 

The funds are easy to set up and provide certain tax benefits. Each donor’s fund becomes part of a community endowment – RCAB’s Common Investment Fund. The funds are invested and a portion of annual earnings is used to make grants that honor each donor’s wishes in perpetuity. Any earnings above the portion designated to be spent are returned to the fund to grow its corpus.

The Fund is overseen by a volunteer board and managed by a professional staff.

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For more information on how a CCF endowment fund can provide continuing support for Catholic faith ministries you care about, please contact Executive Director Lisa Lipsett at 617-746-5693 or llipsett@rcab.org