Investment Committee

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston’s (RCAB) Investment Committee meets 6-12 times during the year, reviewing: investment policies, capital market environment, strategic and tactical asset allocations, investment performance, current and prospective investment managers, and investor needs, cash flow requirements, etc.

Robert J. Morrissey, Esq., Chair
Partner, Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch

Charles Clough, Jr.
Chairman & CEO, Clough Global

Stephen M. Dufour
Fidelity Investments

Michelle A. Knight
Chief Investment Officer and Chief Economist
Ropes Wealth Advisors LLC

James J. Mahoney, Jr.
Mahoney Investments

Thomas C. Stakem, Jr.
Vice-President & Director of Research
Woodstock Corp.

Frederick Weiss
MPC Capital Advisors, LLC

John E. Straub
Archdiocese of Boston 

Maureen Creedon, CPA
Director of Finance
Archdiocese of Boston

John Zona, Ph.D. 
Chief Investment Officer
Boston College